Clinical and Translational Imaging Lab launched at LUMS

CREDIT – The above image is taken from the news article published at INNOVATEPK.ORG

LUMS wins the bid to establish the first National Center in Big Data & Cloud Computing (NCBC) in Pakistan. The center will comprise 12 labs, hosted in 11 Universities across Pakistan. As part of the NCBC, a research grant (of PKR 20 million)  has been awarded by the Higher Education Commission and Planning Commission of Pakistan to establish a Clinical and Translational Imaging Lab at LUMS. The lab will be directed by Professor Hassan Mohy-ud-Din.

Clinical and Translational Imaging Lab will provide a symbiotic relationship between engineering, mathematics, and clinical sciences. Specifically, we will pursue research themes at the intersection of optimization theory, deep learning, and multi-modality (medical) imaging. The over-arching goal is to provide robust, scalable, portable, and cost-effective solutions to clinical problems and, concurrently, multidisciplinary training and development of future scientists.

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