Hassan Mohy-ud-Din, PhD
Director Clinical and Translational Imaging Lab
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
LUMS School of Science and Engineering
Work - +92 42 3560 8505
Mobile - +92 300 4575835
Email - hassan.mohyuddin@lums.edu.pk
Gmail - mohyuddin.engineer@gmail.com
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PhD Students

Maria Tamoor
PhD Student
MS Computer Science FAST-NU Lahore
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Forman Christian College Lahore
Email - mariatamoor@fccollege.edu.pk
Professional WebpageLinkedIn
Topic - Multi-organ Segmentation of Multi-modality Images
Sana Jabbar
PhD Student
MS Electrical Engineering Fast-NU Islamabad
BS Electrical Engineering Fast-NU Islamabad
Ymail - sana_jabbar14@yahoo.com
Topic - Volumetric Analysis of Hepatic Lesions with CT

Research Assistants

Danyal Saeed Mirza
Research Assistant
BS Electrical Engineering FAST-NU Lahore
Email - danyal.saeed@lums.edu.pk
Gmail - danyal.saeed.mirza@gmail.com
Topic - Deep Learning for Radiogenomics of Gliomas
Muhammad Faizyab Ali Chaudhary
Research Assistant
BS Electrical Engineering UET Lahore
Gmail - mfaizyabali@gmail.com
Topic - Robust Radiomics and Machine Learning